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Re: electronic files

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I don't worry about this issue as much as most engineers.  I plot out a hard 
copy of the plans, stamp and sign them and that is the record set, not the 
cad files themselves.  If an owner or another party involved wants cad files 
you can physically send them on floppies, zip cartridges, etc.  Upon delivery 
you have them sign a waiver stating any changes that don't match the record 
drawings are not your problem.  (I'm not sure I would use that wording 

Is this really any different then in the "old days" when we sent the original 
hand drafted drawings done in pencil to the architect?  Those tracings could 
easily have been altered as well, but I don't recall any problems.  the 
problem seems new because cad is a new medium, but the same possibilities 
were present in the precad days.  I'll admit, it was to a lesser extent 

Believe it or not, I'd appreciate your comments to this contrarian position.

David Mack, P.E.