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Re: Autocad14 & General Notes

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I just had a similar task.  Autocad help suggests:  save the text as a text file.  only two extensions are allowed in this technique, ".txt" and ".rtf".  Copying directly from the online user's guide (index.text files.inserting):
1 Open the Windows File Manager, but make sure it doesn't fill the screen. Then display the directory that contains the TXT file you want.
2 Drag a TXT or RTF file icon onto the AutoCAD drawing.
AutoCAD draws the text as a text object at the point where you drop it.
3 Using the grips, you can move, rotate, and scale the text objects as needed.
To drag OLE objects into a drawing, see "Creating Compound Documents with OLE."
Related  You can start DTEXT before dragging the file into AutoCAD. When you use this method, drag the file when you see the Text prompt.
I tried this drag and drop, and it seems to work ok.  somewhere it says the text will be imported in the current style/size/font/etc.  My document wasn't particularly complex, but did consist of several pages of notes.  They inserted as a single block, which can be exploded and manipulated with grips, matchprop, ddedit, etc., although mine didn't require much editing.
kbuzbee EIT.