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Re: Tie Back Retaining Walls

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Thank you all for your reponses to the "tieback question."

Brad Friederichs

At 08:52 PM 4/9/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Brad Friederichs wrote:
>> I'm designing a tieback retaining wall using tierods that are connected
>> from back of wall to tiebacks grouted into rock.  The 12 ft wide space
>> between the back of vertical retaining wall and the existing slope will be
>> backfilled once the tierods are in place.
>> The new backfill will be compacted but is being placed on compressible
>> materials that are expected to settle about 1" or so during the life of the
>> project (50 years).  The wall itself is supported on rock and is not
>> expected to settle.
>> My question is:  When the fill settles behind the wall, the tierods will
>> have vertical load imposed on them from the fill.  One of the tierod
>> manufactures states that I don't need to worry about this.  I think that
>> the rods will pickup significant tranverse load and possibly fail in
>> combined tension and bending or pullout the anchorage due to increased
>> axial force (from suspending the soil load above).
>> How do you feel about this?
>> Brad Friederichs
>> VE Solutions, Inc.
>> Sacramento, CA
>> brad(--nospam--at)
>Wrap the tie rods w/ foam rubber pipe insulation used by plumbers to
>prevent pipe freezing.  Soil will both shear around rods and have
>limited downward pressure.  Unless you have designed those tie rods to
>develope 99.9% of their strength, shouldn't be a problem at 1 inch