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ETABS is a good program that is specifically geared towards the analysis of
building structures. The terminology addresses building elements (beams
bays, column & grid lines, levels, diaphragms, wind & earthquake loading).
This would be vocabulary used in the architecture & constrcution industry.

For general structural analysis, STADD & RISA work great. In my experience,
however, RISA is the way to go. It has great interactive features that allow
you to view stress ratios at a glance.

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>Everyday, I see a lot of questions and querries about structural
>There's STAAD, ETABS, PCABeam, PCACOL, ADOSS, RISA and others.
>Each program has its own use like the PCA programs and each one has its own
>Can anybody out there give me some feedback and comments on each program.
>Its costly to buy two things. I'd rather buy the much better program.
>Now there's this RISA. Is this a better program than ETABS and STAAD.
>Thanks in advance
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