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You can certainly do this (substitute painted A588 for painted A36), but 
A588 will almost certainly cost more. If so, and if you're going to paint 
it anyway, I don't see any advantage to using A588. Maybe you have another 
reason in mind for doing so.

The real advantage in using A588 is the elimination of painting 
requirements (and cost!). But given your exposure (coastal and salty), this 
may not be an option. I suggest that you talk to the material supplier 
about the suitability for your application.


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Sent:	Tuesday, April 13, 1999 2:06 PM
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Subject:	A588 STEEL

I have a doubt about the use of the steel A588,
I want to replace the steel A36 with having galvanized in hot for a
building located in a coastal area with saline atmosphere for a steel
with normal treatment of painting.
I need specifications on the behavior of this material in these
Thank you for their help.

Cesar Freddy Gil
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