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Re: Reroofing

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We typically try to advise our client to stay with roofing of comparable 
weights and perhaps add new 1/2" plywood sheathing, (over the existing spaced 
sheathing) to improve diaphragm rigidity. 

When they insist on heavier roofing, we'll insist on checking both vertical 
and lateral load capacities for the existing building.  Usually it would mean 
that the scope of work for the building will be beyond merely re-roofing. It 
would probably involve structural upgrade for added seismic and vertical 
loads. I would use the same Code the building was design for unless the 
client requests more stringent design.(fat chance)  The rationale is that the 
building would do no worse than as if it was designed for the heavier loads 
at the time.

David Lau