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Deformed Mesh Substitution in slab

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Has anyone given serious thought to using deformed mesh in warehouse
slabs-on-grade instead of typical #4 at 18" o.c?


Warehouse building with forklift traffic

6 inch slab, 4000 psi, sawcuts at 15 ft centers, reinforced with #4 at
18" o.c. through the sawcuts (reinforcing required due to soils).

The subcontractor wants to substitute 80ksi deformed mesh of size #3 at
12" o.c. in lieu of the #4's.

Questions:  Eventhough the tensile capacity of the proposed mesh matches
the current #4 configuration, is the "doweling" action across the sawcut
joints going to be weakend due to the smaller bar diameter?

Normally, we use an unreinforced slab section with 3/4" dia smooth
greased dowels at all the joints to provide load transfer for the
forklifts.  In situations with required slab reinforcement, we try to
use the reinforcing for this purpose, but I'm a little leery of smaller
"mesh" diameters.  Note:  this is not the smooth wire junk that never is
placed right, this stuff will stay in the chairs reasonably well.

Any experience or insight is appreciated.

John Lawson SE
Kramer & Lawson, Inc.