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RE: Prestressed Precast Hollow Core Slabs

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I wouldn't want to count on any arching action in the masonry with out being
really confident that no one would ever decide to remove the center portion
of the wall for some reason.

Roger Davis
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Anthony Ellul wrote regarding masonry walls on precast panels:

>If one tries to calculate theses slabs in order to take these loads, hardly
a situation occurs where they would be suitable from calculation alone,
however the current practice is to achieve assurance and approval from the
respective manufacturer. <

I would have great difficulty allowing such loads if they cannot be
by design - the manufacturer should give you specific assumptions they use
load distribution.  I have used arching action (or deep beam effects) of the
masonry to justify such walls on thin elevated slabs - but you still need to
confirm strength or shoring during construction before the masonry wall has
developed its strength.