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wood shear wall analysis program

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I have three wood analysis programs. 

Program 1, one story houses. Great graphics. Used only once and not for a

Program 2, infinite stories, shapes limited to shear wall locations. Lots
of detail and lots 
of work.

Program 3, excel spread sheet. Two and maybe three stories. I usually use
this one. I may 
run up to three different runs and write macros to find needed results. The
owner is 
possibly implementing the rigid diaphragm issue, with shear wall stiffness.

Because of the limited access to the programs? codes, I need to write a

I am considering writing a program that can be changed by the engineer.

It is to be in a spreadsheet format and will down load picked line
coordinates from 

I got the macro for down loading the acad14 data and need to get permission
from the 
author to hand it out. Alternatively, does someone else have such a macro
that isn?t 
encumbered by having been given it?

The format is to be of a new invention or of a standard format that does
not infringe on 
other?s formats.

It would be beneficial to set a standard of care for issues not in the
code, using freeware, 
with input from all. Starting a skeleton program is a big volunteering
commitment. If no 
one participates in sharing their own improvements, that would diminish the
power of a 
standard of care and diminish the benefit of the first to volunteer. 

Please post comments how this might work.

David B Merrick, SE of Ca