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Welding Code AWS D1.1

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I would like to have some opinions on the following:
We have a current job under construction which has a steel rigid frame with
a col. splices at  3' above the floor. The transition is from W14x120,
flange width 14 5/8  to W 14x43, flange width 8". 
AWS D1.1-98 SECTION 2.29.3 states" Butt joints between parts having unequal
width and subject to tensile stress shall have a smooth transition between
offset edges at a slope of no more than 1 in 2 1/2 with the edge of either
part or shall be transitioned with a 2 ft minimum radius tangent to the
narrower part of the center of the butt joints . ........................."
What basically this says is to clip the corners of the wider plate. I have
difficulty to understand the reasoning behind this.
I realize that there is certain stress concentration, but so what. My
belief always is that " MORE IS NOT LESS "
Another words why not just leave the parts as they are without lessening
them unless it is visually undesirable.
I would appreciate any comment.
Karim Hosseinzadeh, SE