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Re: Software

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I have just come from a talk by Gus Bergsma of RAM International.  I have to
say that I was impressed that at last someone is developing an integrated
design package (RAM Frame etc).  At first sight it appears to be steel
oriented, however, it also promised that with a bit of tweeking the analyses
could be fooled into providing data that would be usable in
wood/concrete-specific design.  I believe you have met Gus and have probably
reviewed his software.  As a sole practitioner I like the first blush and
will probably take up their money-back offer.

The 8th Earthquake Seminar will be held in Vancouver this June.   Will you
or any of your peers be attending?  If so I'd look forward to the
opportunity of meeting.

Thor Tandy  P.Eng  MCSCE
Victoria BC