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Re: Welding Code AWS D1.1

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>add to the bot. flg. by
>welding identical pieces of steel to each side ... creating width
>differential at the mid span . Would this beam become overstressed under
>the same loading condition, develop cracks and eventually fail?  If it does
>then "LESS IS MORE". Remember in this case we ADDED to the bottom flange. 

This whole damn thread is is really just fundamental strength of 
materials. The stress will increase at the weld joint where the flange 
suddenly gets wider. The increase will be highly localized and may be as 
much as 3-4 times the nominal stress in the original beam. If the welding 
is done improperly and the member is subject to enough load cycles, a 
crack will eventually develop and failure will occur. 

This thread is really a little scary. Fracture in welded structures isn't 
exactly the newest thing to hit the street. Even a casual look at the 
Steel Construction Manual shows the effect of welding details on 
allowable cyclic stress. 

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