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Re: Teak and Mahogany

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I recently saw use of what appeared to be one of these woods on a
residential deck, and for exterior stair treads. It appeared elegant. Also,
it felt good, but supports were much closer than you mention. My work for
the project however had nothing to do with these features.

I suggest that stiffness, not strength, is what realistically controls spans
of any deck planking. People do not like springy floors underfoot,
especially people who can afford this stuff, regardless of what the code
section on sheathing permits. There is not that big a range in elastic
moduli of woods used as decking. Preliminarily, why not assume an E-value
cautiously, and proceed using familiar deck materials as analogous examples?  

Note that the deflection of one deck board underfoot, compared to its
unloaded neighbor, can be esthetically objectionable and rattle the deck

Charles O. Greenlaw  SE

At 12:01 PM 4/18/99 EDT, you wrote:
>To all you exotic wood experts:
>I think we've been through this before, but I couldn't find it in the 
>archives. Does anyone have any design values for teak or mahogany?  It is to 
>be used as planking in an exterior wood deck, spanning about 4'-0" or so 
>between supports.
>As always, your help is much appreciated.
>Bruce Resnick, SE
>Parker Resnick Str. Eng.