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The thickness from PCA must relate to a wall spanning vertically. If you
look at the walls as spanning only the 4' distance horizontally then the
thickness will be reduced. After all with 4' clear span and 22" thick wall
one would only have a loaded width of 48-20-20=8"+/-. Considering "no loads
within depth d".
Just a thought
Dave Handy, P.Eng

At 08:35 AM 4/19/99 EST, you wrote:
>          The structure will be a square box 
>          (4' x 4' interior dimensions) that extends from the ground 
>          surface to a depth of 32 ft. below grade.  The structure 
>          will be reinforced concrete and is subject to an equivalent 
>          lateral pressure of 100 lbs/ft^3 (i.e. lateral pressure = 
>          100 * depth).  Utilizing PCA's "Rectangular Concrete Tanks 
>          Book", and with ACI 350 in mind, ...
>          We are not utilizing shear reinforcing in the corner of the 
>          tank to handle shear (only the concrete's ability to take 
>          the shear).  We are thinking it will be easier to construct 
>          with minimal rebar and more concrete.  Any different 
>          philosophies out there ?