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Re: Slender Masonry Walls

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I would be concerned about lateral load capacity and deflection. There must
be something out of wack. Have you included lateral loads, minimum end
eccentricities. Is there any cladding. What about crack control? I am
comparing against values I have gotten with the Canadian Masonry Code. I
know that the stiffness calcs affect the output quite a bit. Maybe there is
something wrong with the 'I eff' or 'cracked section I'. 

David Handy, P.Eng.

At 08:06 AM 4/19/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I recently completed a design for a masonry building with walls 27'-0"
tall using 8 inch CMU.  I followed the Load Factor Design method of the
1997 UBC and satisfied both the strength and serviceability requirements.
A senior co-worker has questioned my design, primarily because the h/t
ratio is over 40.  He says that the "slender wall" design approach is "new
and untried" and "pushing the envelope".
>I have not heard of any problems associated with properly designed and
detailed slender masonry walls.  I don't consider the design method
particularly "new" as the publication that I reference was printed in 1986.
 Am I "pushing the envelope" designing a 27 foot tall wall with 8 inch block?
>--Kipp A. Martin