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RE: Comments and suggestions

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I agree 100%!

James Allen, P.E.

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  Subj:	Comments and suggestions
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  Structural Engineers Association of California
  Attention:  Executive Director
  I have just received a copy of the Seismic Design Manual, Volume 1, and 
would like to make the following comments and suggestion.  My personal 
opinion should in no way detract from the efforts made in the production of 
this Manual.  I appreciate the hard work and dedication that had to go into 
its preparation and publication.
  My displeasure is directed toward the 1997 Uniform Building Code.  I have 
been in the structural engineering profession for the past forty six years 
and find this Code to be the worst piece of shit I have ever come across.  
This Code is nothing but a cookbook of formulas and confusing requirements 
that takes away from the engineer his understanding of the basic principles 
behind good structures.  Is all of this supposed to produce better designed 
buildings?  I think not, because engineers will depend more and more on the 
computer to solve their problems and will replace common sense and 
intutition.  Will this translate into better construction in the field?  I 
think not, particularly in the field where the same shabby construction will 
continue regardless of the so-called sophistication of the new Code.
  My only suggestion is to flush this Code, right where it belongs, down the 
  Norman J. Epstein, Structural Engineer