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Re: Reroofing and shear wall programs

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does a house really need to be code compliant?
Depends if you are the Engineer, Owner or Attorney representing the owner.

is the code reality?
Used to be, until recently when residential codes became bad dreams.

who has come up with these code requirements?
Well intended engineers who have never designed a home in their lives:>)

are the code requirements based on realtiy or what a group of non-practicing 
educators developed in a meeting?
Neither, it is based upon those who fear agressive contractors with 20 lb 
hammers in hand. Seriously, prescriptive measures are, in my understanding, 
developed by those non-engineers who wish to keep engineers out of 
residential market and by architects who believe they can have the knowledge 
of two professions with the mastery of none.

just some philosophical questions we need to consider

Gosh, these were easy - how about some harder esoteric stuff like "A home was 
built in the middle of the desert two miles from the San Andreas Fault using 
the prescriptive method. The big one occurs and the developer is now living 
in Vegas. How much noise will can be made for the owers 10% insurance 
deductible ? Is it as much as the 1% the next door neighbors had to pay to 
repair their entire place?