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RE: Rigid Diaphragm Analysis Spreadsheet

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I would like to receive a copy of the excel spreadsheet on Rigid
Diaphragm's.  Thanks for the offer.

Dee Henrie PE
Adams & Smith Inc.

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Subject: Rigid Diaphragm Analysis Spreadsheet

Some time ago I mentioned that I had a spreadsheet for Excel that was
by James Lord SE in Northern California (SEAONC) who sent it to me for my 
use. I finally found the spreadsheet.
It is a basic one story rigid diaphragm analysis that relies upon the user
input corner points around the perimeter of the structure. It will find the 
center of mass, center of rotation and will distribute shear into various 
lines of resisting walls. The spreadsheet will also provide the user a 
diagram (chart) that can be annotated and printed.
If not too many of you request this from me at seaintonln(--nospam--at) I will 
email it to you. I will also send a copy of it to Shafat for posting on the 
SEAINT website. 

Hope it helps.
Dennis Wish PE