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Hey, It Could Happen [was: Comments and suggestions]

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It occurs to me that Mr. Epstein might want to change careers. Since he has
an insightful mind, he may want to consider re-tooling himself for a legal

Let's suppose that he does do this, gains a law degree, and successfully
passes the examination and is admitted to the bar in his state.

He may, at that time, want to send us an announcement to that effect, as an
email message to this list.

Let us further suppose, that, unfortunately, his email contains a new strain
of the pesky email viruses that are continually being rumored about the net,
and about which we're constantly being informed by one person or another on
this list.

Since it would obviously infect so many, the SEAInt list being large as it
is, it may well spread throughout the internet, and become infamously known


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