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Re: Comments and suggestions

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In a message dated 4/20/99 8:10:18 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
raranous(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Dear Mr. Epstein: You are most likely correct in your assessment of the 
applicability of the UBC; however, "flushing down the toilet" only creates 
additional environmental problems--not to mention clogging undersized 
 audra ranous (whose opinions only occasionally reflect those of her 
brilliant SE
 husband's) >>

Aalthough your feelings toward your husband are commendable -- the structural 
engineering audience is a wrong audience for expressing adoration for one's 
spouse -- especially when the admiring and admired individuals are not 
personally known to the great majority of the audience.


<< It occurs to me that Mr. Epstein might want to change careers. Since he has
an insightful mind, he may want to consider re-tooling himself for a legal
career, etc., etc. >> as per Bill Polhemus

It is my opinion that any comment on this listserver on the subject of 
engineering, should be constructive or, at least, it should enhance the 
understanding of the problem. Reading the above comments I don't see any 
attempt by the authors to promote improvement or to enhance understanding in 
regard to the subject matter.