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RE: Comments and suggestions

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> Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 1999 1:19 PM
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> Subject: Re: Comments and suggestions
> << It occurs to me that Mr. Epstein might want to change 
> careers. Since he has
> an insightful mind, he may want to consider re-tooling 
> himself for a legal
> career, etc., etc. >> as per Bill Polhemus
> It is my opinion that any comment on this listserver on the 
> subject of 
> engineering, should be constructive or, at least, it should 
> enhance the 
> understanding of the problem. Reading the above comments I 
> don't see any 
> attempt by the authors to promote improvement or to enhance 
> understanding in 
> regard to the subject matter. 

Is that an elaborate way of saying "Hey, I can't take a joke!"?

(HINT: Go back and read my post in its entirety).