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E-mail Bombs

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I stand corrected!  Apparently there *is* a way that just reading e-mail 
can cause damage.  This is from another listservice (for Arachne, the DOS 
Graphical Browser) that I subscribe to. (For those who want to try Arachne, 
at the time of this post, version 1.48 is a rather stable beta version; 1.49 
beta has incorporated animation and is somewhat less stable; 1.5a is an alpha 
experimental version that should be used only by the strong-hearted that like 
to experiment. BTW, I have been told that the browser does work in Windows 
DOS boxes.)

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona 

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- ANSI bombs.  I won't get into how it's done, but in the past, I have
   created harmless ANSI examples that proved the point to many BBS
   sysops.  Their message bases carried one harmless "bomb" which did a
   "DIR" command when the <ESC> key was pressed, and one "repair bomb"
   which restored things to normal.  ( This was for the guys who swore
   there was no way you could be harmed just "reading" email...)

- John T.
-- Arachne V1.5a;alpha, NON-COMMERCIAL copy,


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