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Re: REQUESTS for Rigid Diaphragm Spreadsheet

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How about attaching the file and we can download it if we want it!

>You know, with all the carping and griping about "off-topic posts," here we
>have an example of an INCREDIBLE number of people exemplifying the most
>basic ANTI-Netiquette.
>FWIW, folks: If someone posts to a public forum "I've got <fill in name of
>file or information> for anyone who wants it," it is considered EXTREMELY
>poor form to post TO THE FORUM that you'd like a copy.
>The guy has an email address. SEND YOUR REQUESTS TO HIM, NOT TO THE LIST.
>Thank you.
>> Dear Dennis
>> Would you be so kind to forward me a copy of the Rigid Diaphragm
>> spreadsheet.
>[P.S. Not picking on the guy, above, he was just lucky to be in my line of

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