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Re: viruses in general . . .

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A. Roger Turk wrote

>From what I know, e-mail messages *cannot* wreak havoc on your system.
>*However*, binary attachments to e-mail messages *can* contain viruses, and
>*can* automatically execute if your e-mail program is set to
>**automatically** open attachments.  Witness the Mellisa virus (Microsoft
>Word Macro Virus).  The best thing to do is to have your e-mail program set
>so that attachments *will not* be opened and to open only those that you
>expecting from people that you know.
>A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
>Tucson, Arizona
>P.S.  If a virus is defined as a program that modifies your computer files
>without your knowledge and takes over control and operation of your
>what does that make Windows?

The most virulent software available?

Seriously though,  I agree with Roger that simple e-mail will not infect
your computer if the automatic file attachment option is not activated.

However, the follow up messages regarding virus hoaxes should not lull you
into a false sense of security.  Viruses are very real.  You should not only
run an anti-virus program, but update the data files regularly.  I recently
suffered a viral infection from the CIH.SPACEFILLER virus, and the loss of
time, energy, and data was horrible.  I was running anti-virus software, but
had not updated for over a year, and the virus I got was developed only six
months previously.  Needless to say the software cannot protect against
viruses it cannot detect.

Paul Feather PE
San Diego, Ca