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Do you have a senior engineer you can discuss the project requirements with?

There is no hard and fast design list, things vary based on the project
geometry, but here are a couple of things for starters, no matter how simple
the box:

Wall design for out of plane forces (wind and seismic)

Wall anchorage and development of anchorage forces into the roof diaphragm.

Diaphragm deflections beyond the masonry limits. (spanning the diaphragm too
far between lines of resistance)

Verify the design of the shear wall foundations.

You said that this was an addition to an existing structure.  Did you tie
the new structure to the existing to prevent differential settlement?  Have
you provided adequate shear transfer from the new roof to the existing shear
wall?  Have you checked the existing wall for the additional load from the
new structure?

This is by no means all inclusive.  I hope this helps, you really should
find someone who can sit down and review the project with you.

Paul Feather PE
San Diego, Ca

>Hello everyone,
>I have never design a Masonry Building, but I have take a Masonry Class
>a while back.  Now I have been given  CMU addition to an existing one
>story CMU building. This is my first ever Masonry design. I started the
>design and this is what I got so far:
>    rafters
>    Purlins
>    lintel worth case for garvity and wind load
>    8" wall design for gravity load and vertical load
>    chk bearing and steel requirement
>4- Lateral Analysis
>    forces
>    chk pier for O.T. (column design method)
>I guess my question is whether I am forgetting something else to check.
>Does anyone have a list of things to check for in the design of CMU
>Or some source of sample calculations of a CMU BUILDING?
>In terms of the working drawings, well I guess that is a question for