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Re: Rigid Diaphragm Analysis

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Apr 21, 1999 10:47 PM
>From the Offices
of Dennis S. Wish, PE
The spreadsheet does not, as best I can tell, consider discontinuities in 
elevation. I believe it will consider cut-outs in the diaphragm - but I have 
not played with it enough to know.
Still, it is a start and if anyone with some spreadsheet talent can improve 
upon it and offer it back to the community it will be a great service to us 

One suggestion: If someone can provide me a manual rigid diaphragm analysis 
with consideration for discontinuities due to elevation changes and cutouts, 
I'll try and model it in spreadsheet format. I can't guarantee a time limit, 
but I'll do what I can or work with others who are willing.

I learned a lot from James Lord on this one and used the charting features to 
create other programs that would sketch the structure. I think we can all 
learn from one another and produce a good tools that we all can benifit from. 

So far I have sent out over 100 copies. Many of you have sent complimentary 
emails to me and I simply don't have the time to respond - but I appreciated 
every kind word. I'll be pleased to contribute whatever spreadsheets or 
templates for other programs (Mathcad, Visio etc) that I create. I won't take 
requests at this time.

I've asked Shafat if he will put together a web page for SEAINT Online. I 
have the first issue (Jan 1999) in PDF format which is available. I need to 
wait for Shafat to post it on the list as it would keep me busy sending 
emails all day and, if this spreadsheet is any indication, won't get my 
clients work done. 

Soooo, please be patient. I can get the Rigid Diaphragm spreadsheet out 
immediately to those who write me directly (within a few hours of your 
email). If you would like to submit spreadsheets, please feel free to do so - 
but I hope you will let me redistribute them and place them on our website 
for others to use.

DISCLAIMER - I hate these statments, but please understand that these are 
tools created by individuals and that they have not been tested for all 
conditions of use. Therefore, you are responsible for the results. It is 
entirely possible that an error exists in any of these tools - if you find 
one, let me know and I will pull the program or spreadsheet off the list 
until the error is corrected.

Norm Epstein was correct about the potential misuse of computer programs so I 
must remind you all that these are only tools and that they do not replace 
solid engineering experience and professional judgment. Use them wisely - no 
computer program should replace responsible knowledge.

Regards and thanks again for all the kind comments.


Dennis S. Wish, PE
Structural Engineering Consultant