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Re: Comments and suggestions

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This goes back to an earlier discussion, but it bothers me that "Yank2002" 
feels comfortable enough with this list to take public pot shots at Mr. 
Polhemus and his opinions, but still hides behind his anonymous "e-name".  It 
doesn't quite seem right.

Bruce Resnick, SE
Parker Resnick Str. Eng.

In a message dated 4/21/99 8:22:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Yank2002(--nospam--at) 

 It is, therefore, unrealistic to think about "humor training" unless only 
 or two or even three types of humor are to be considered such as New York 
 humor, Mongolian humor, or Mr. Polhemus' -type of humor.......... On the 
 other hand maybe Mr. Polhemus -- taking into consideration his excellent 
 memory and vivid imagination --would be able to increase the number of types 
 of humor he can be "trained in" to some impressive two digit number.