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Re: OSB vs Plywood

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FWIW  The use of "sinkers" is typical on every job site I visit,  whether
you are using plywood or OSB.  I routinely design for 75% of the UBC table
values on all of my projects to account for the difference.

Sometimes it is easier to simply adjust the design for the way things are

Paul Feather PE
San Diego, Ca

Roger Davis wrote:
>If the contractor is using a nail gun, over-driving should not be your only
>concern.  Commonly used pneumatic nails have only 73% of the shear
>resistance of "common" nails.  If they use staples instead of nails, the
>orientation of the staple is important also.  For more information you can
>visit the Structural Engineering Consultants of British Columbia web site
>  I would
>also suggest getting a copy  of National Evalluation Report NER-272, it
>gives information on several tested brands of nails and staples.