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RE: Comments and suggestions

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IMHO both Yank2002 and Bill Polhemus have contributed inappropriate topics
to the list. But then, so have most of us, myself included.  Those two
individuals have also contributed some very positive things to the list,
although I must admit Yank's postings sometimes are not "comfortable" since
he often questions basic assumptions and makes us think about them (In that
I think he fills a valuable role).  The biggest problem I see in the
ongoing thread about and between Yank and Mr. P. is the need to "get in the
last word".  Can we just state our opinions and facts, leave it at that and
get on with life?  The pettiness does not serve anyone well.

Bill Cain, SE
Oakland, CA

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	<< I am not trying to create problems here, but, it seems to me that

	 does not wish to contribute anything positive to this forum, and
	 should be removed from the list. It is a waste of everyone's time
to get
	 e-mail full of nonsense, and debates about issues that should be
left for
	 other venues other than this e-mail forum. Let's stick to

	Yank2002 did not start the debate. Mr. Polhemus did -- by making a
"joke" out 
	of Mr. Epstein's serious, engineering comment. Maybe Mr. Polhemus
should be 
	removed from the list ???