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Steel Deck Diaphragms -Reply

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The SDI Manual of Construction with Steel Deck (Publication MC01) has
the following sentence on page 26 of the 1992 edition:

"NO SUBSTITUTION of fastener type or pattern should be made without
the approval of the designer."

I would suggest contacting SDI (Steel Deck Institute), the steel deck
manufacturer's catalog, and ICBO for Evaluation Reports.

>>> "Barry H. Welliver" <wellive(--nospam--at)> 04/23/99 08:11am >>>
I have specified a 22ga. steel deck  with puddle
welds at supports and #10 TEK screws at side laps.
The field has "supplied" a punched (button?) hole
at the side laps. My questions are:

1.    Is this crimped button hole comparable to
the TEK screws for side lap shear transfer?
2.    If so, is there available information
regarding substitution?
3.    Is this method (punched hole) considered a
stitch fastener?

Comments appreciated.

Barry H. Welliver