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Steel Deck Diaphragms

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I pulled out my Steel Deck Institute Diaphragm Design Manual and a copy of an 
article (How to Fasten Steel Deck - Update and Review) from Modern Steel 
Construction, Number 1, 1988, fell out of it.

According to the article, puddle welds, no washers, design weld strength, 
(lbs) for 22 ga. steel is:

1/2" visible diameter   500 lbs
5/8" visible diameter   630 lbs
3/4" visible diameter   765 lbs

For No. 10 screw in sidelap:  270 lbs

For "Well Connected" button punched sidelap:  70 lbs

So, I would guess that you would say that button punching is *NOT* comparable 
to No. 10 screws.

Hope this helps.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Barry Welliver wrote:

. > I have specified a 22ga. steel deck  with puddle
. > welds at supports and #10 TEK screws at side laps.
. > The field has "supplied" a punched (button?) hole
. > at the side laps. My questions are:

. > 1.    Is this crimped button hole comparable to
. > the TEK screws for side lap shear transfer?
. > 2.    If so, is there available information
. > regarding substitution?
. > 3.    Is this method (punched hole) considered a
. > stitch fastener?

. > Comments appreciated.

. > Barry H. Welliver