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Re: Slender Masonry Walls

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In a message dated 4/22/99 6:49:31 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Mlcse(--nospam--at) 
writes:<< (remember that lap splices will be occurring in some cells for both 
vertical and horizontal steel).  >>


I don't feel comfortable splicing vertical bars in tall masonry walls (h/t 
exceeding 30) and specify no splices in our projects.  Even with pencil 
vibrator I never am certain if there is proper grout consolidation where the 
bars are spliced.  Splices create that much more congestion particularly if 
8" CMU is used.  I operated a vibrator when placing 8" thick concrete wall 
for my house and was frustrated to find later that I still had some rock 
pockets ... and I thought I was doing a good job - not too much and not too 
little.  I've gotten some complaints from contractors about this but I 
usually insist.  Open end units must be used of course.  I once called Jim 
Amrhein to see if he allows vertical bars splices and he said yes.  But still 
my prejudice is hard to kill.

Brad Smith