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Re: Let's Talk STAAD-PRO

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I am running staad-Pro 3.0.  One of the bugs that is still in this version is
printing of reports.  The reports at this time can only be run with the create
report setup not by the print button.  I still am having trouble finding my way
around the current windows format.  The online reference is not much help in
this regard.  I often go to the Staad input file and type in the information I
want in the old format.  I also check my input in this way to see if it is doing
what I think it should be doing.

I really like the improvement of being able to pick a member property and apply
it to all of the members with that property.

Jill T. Shuttleworth, P.E., S.E.

"Connor, John A NWK" wrote:

> Staad-Pro.  Its a Love-Hate thing.
> I really like Staad-pro over previous so-called window's versions.  Going
> from the Staad 22.3 version to Staad Pro is like going from Windows 3.1 to
> Windows 95.
> Since you brought up "Bug-Ridden", does anyone know of any site or newsgroup
> that lists all of these bugs for Staad Pro?  The REI site has some FAQ's but
> it is very limited.  And some of the other Staad sites only discuss versions
> prior to the Pro series.  You would think that REI would post warnings
> somewhere online.
> I'm using Staad Pro 2.5.  Its really hard to determine if the "pros" of this
> program out weigh the "cons".  Here's some things that I found that are
> particularly annoying.
> 1.)  Deflection: The deflection of the frame in the post-processing does not
> coincide with what gets printed in the "paper" output.  So, when you run
> some trial-and-error frames to limit your deflection, you should go by the
> maximum deflection listed in the output, and not the maximum deflection
> listed on the screen in the deflection tables.  I think this problem appears
> when you run more than one analysis in your input file.  I think it gets
> confused on which analysis to display.
> 2)  Footing Design:  The footing design does not check for shear (punching
> shear from the pedestal).  Nor does it design for uplift conditions.  (the
> help manual states that it does not design for uplift, but it doesn't say
> anything about shear checks)
> 3)  Business Logo:  In the "fancy" reports setup, you can add a business
> logo to your output.  I added my college logo just for grins to try out this
> feature.  When I was ready to change it to my business logo, I discovered I
> couldn't change it, nor delete it!  I had to call support to find out which
> *.dll files I needed to delete to start over.
> 4)  Plate/Elements:  Doesn't check or design for shear.
> 5)  Reports:  The "fancy" reports in the post-processing have to be
> regenerated after every new analysis run.  It never remembers your setup of
> your "favorite" reports or the pictures you took previously.
> 6)  Graphical display:  Every time you switch back and forth from the GUI to
> the text file, the GUI refreshes to a blank frame.  It never remembers what
> you were displaying before (such as node numbers, member numbers, etc).
> 7)  LRFD:  The parameters for LRFD are a lot more limited than what's
> available for ASD.
> 8)  Analysis:  Once I had a member with end releases and one end was
> attached to a pinned support.  The output still displayed a moment
> (negligible) at the end of the member at the support end.  Go figure.  Maybe
> this had to do with the precision of the program, however, I would expect
> the program to either not display this value or at least give me some
> warning.
> Does anyone know if these "bugs" have been corrected in the Staad Pro 3.0
> version?
> I haven't had the opportunity to use other analysis programs (such as RISA,
> or ETABS).  I wonder if users if those products run into similar problems?
> Depending on the responses to this subject, we should compile the responses
> and send them to REI's support to see what they would say.
> John Connor, EIT
> Kansas City, MO
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> > Subject: Let's Talk STAAD-PRO
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> >
> > Let's.
> >
> > Have any of you, upon using it, remarked to yourself, as I
> > have done the
> > entire eight hours just past, that this is the most
> > BUG-RIDDEN piece of ****
> > that you've ever used in your lives?
> >
> > Great "looking" interface. Only problem is, the thing changes
> > from Jekyll to
> > Hyde with the click of a mouse!
> >
> > Sorry, I'm just incredibly frustrated. Terrible to have to depend on a
> > "mission critical" app like this, knowing you've got a critical client
> > meeting tomorrow morning, and you're at the office at 11:00
> > P.M. trying to
> > get the **** analysis to run on this ****.
> >
> > Sorry for all the **** words, but I'm exhausted, cranky, and
> > just about "up
> > to here" with STAAD.
> >
> > Have a nice day.
> >