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Deep Slab

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In design of a box culvert with following dimensions:
-Length: 300 m
-Width:  30 m
-Height: 30 m
-Number of conduits: 2
-Thickness of bottom slab: 5 m
there is a problem in shear control of bottom slab.

According to ACI R11.8, bottom slab should be designed and reinforced as a
deep beam but large dimensions and long length causes construction
difficulties to provide required shear reinforcement.

Is it possible to use shear reinforcement provisions of usual beams,
instead of deep beams, taking at a distance .15 span from face of support
as critical section for shear control?

It should be noted the results of finite element analysis show that the
maximum shear force is occured at 0.15 span.

Finally, is there anybody to know any references for design of deep slab?

I really appreciate the helps.

Best regards,

S. Komaie