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A question for all you code buffs,

We have pretty much all learned about the 1.4 factor that converts the
Chapter 16, '97 EQ loads to service level.

Chapter A110 in the '97 "Uniform Code For Building Conservation" there
are two equations for base shear that can be used (which one depending
on number of ocupants) in the analysis of existing buildings.  The "V"
(w/o subscripts) isn't listed in the Symbols and Notations at the
beginning of the chapter.  Section A109.2 says the equations are "based
on Chapter 16 of the code".

My question is: Can that same 1.4 factor be used with these equations,
or is being "based on chapter 16 of the code" suggesting that the
equations are already at service load levels?

Joseph R. Grill, P.E.