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Re: Let's Talk STAAD-PRO

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StaadPro is a mess.  Aluminum code check does not work.  In fact if you go to 
Aluminum data base, every thing is placed under wrong heading, e.g., under 
Tees you might find A-N channels and more surprises all over.  StaadPro does 
not code check on Prismatic section on steel code check any more.  It did do 
code check in STAAD-III up to version 23w.
The biggest problem of all is wind generation.  Wind generated by program 
puts wind force at crossing of diagonals braces thereby putting bracing in 
bending?  I brought this to Research Engineers' attention.  There is a work 
around this, but very time consuming.
StaadPro guys told me that they are coming with version 3.1 and every thing 
will be fixed except wind generation booboo.
Be careful what you do with this StaadPro.