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Hilti Kwik Bolt II Stud Anchors.

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To the Hilti people in the list:

	We are using Kwik Bolt II anchor studs for fixing a Curtain Wall system.
Design ask for KB II 12-334 bolt.

	According to ICBO Evaluation Report ER 4627, Reissued July 1, 1998, table
3, footnote 3, "1/2 in. Anchors installed with embedment depth less than 3
1/2 in. shall not be used to resist shear due to wind or seismic forces".

	In Lima, Peru, wind do not control design, loads are less than 10 psf.
Story drift due to earthquakes imposes more loads to the anchor system,
this loads (including Dead Load ) are about 800 lb, in shear action. The
stress is OK.

	The problem arises in the bolt length, only 3.75 in. Using a clip angle
1/4 thick there is no room for the washer and the nut. The Hilti manuals
also specs an standard embedment of 3 1/2 in.

Any comments or suggestions?


Adolfo Galvez SE.