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Re: Beam cast on masonry wall

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There is no problem in casting RC beams directly on walls if the 
frame action of the beam-column is not important for load transfer.
Otherwise, the wall should not constrain the deformations of 
the beam and columns arising out of their frame action.  This 
clearly rules out permitting beam resting on wall configurations.

Incidently, we typically term structures similar to the one you have 
described as NON-ENGINEERED, since they do not exhibit behaviour 
expected out of ENGINEERED constructions.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Ravi Sinha

On Fri, 23 Apr 1999, M. A. Mufti wrote:
> It is a common practice at some places to cast rc beams directly on
> walls
> and thus to do away with vertical props , although these beams are
> designed
> to span between columns. The masonry wall is , of course, not
> load-bearing
> and rests either on plinth beam below or on nominal foundation. The same
> procedure is carried out for upper floors as well. The argument put
> forward
> in its favour is that even if the beams are allowed to deflect freely
> between
> columns, this will usually be good for the initial deflection due to the
> beam and slab
> self weights only, because the wall would be in place before finishes or
> partitions
> are laid  so that these loads would in any case would  be tranferred
> directly to the wall below. Also the long-term deflection due to creep
> etc.
> will also be taken by the wall below. The site may lie in seismic zone
> 2.
> Comments are welcome.
> M. A. Mufti

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