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Re: Steel Deck Diaphragms

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To follow up on the comment from Dennis Wish, the LGSEA just published a Tech 
Note on Integral Fastening (Clinched Connections) of Cold-Formed Steel 
Members.  It's not loaded on the web site yet, but let me know if you want me 
to fax you a copy.  

The design values of these connections vary according to the 
manufacturer/equipment used, and are controlled by size of the clinch, etc.  
but are typically comparable to a connection made with a screw.  Right now, 
the equipment that's available is great for a panelizing environment, but a 
little cumbersome for field use.  Manufacuturers are working to improve this.

FYI . . . the ICBO just approved an application for an ER last week.  
Publication number ER-5439, "Attexor Spot-Clinched Connection of Cold-Formed 
Structural Members."

Larry Williams