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RE: Let's Talk STAAD-PRO

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>"If Microsoft is so bad, why do they dominate the media in every respect?
Anyone ever read 'The Emperor's New Clothes?' Couple of slickers walk in, 
pronounce themselves the best tailors in the world and convince the vain, 
albeit influential, emperor that their clothes so great that fools cannot 
see them. The emperor hands over the gold and takes delivery. Down the 
street he goes, with all his courtiers and the local glitterati 
exclaiming over the outfit, afraid to risk their reputations and admit 
they can't see anything but a bare-assed fool. My mother read this to me 
when I was a kid, so I thought it was a kid's story. It isn't.

Christopher Wright P.E.    |"They couldn't hit an elephant from
chrisw(--nospam--at)        | this distance"   (last words of Gen.
___________________________| John Sedgwick, Spotsylvania 1864)