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RE: Let's Talk STAAD-PRO

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>This is what I love about the software industry. The standard answer,
>whether from Microsoft or from Research Engineers--that probably describes
>the whole spectrum--is "program buggy or doesn't work?
It had to happen. Polhemus and I agree wholeheartedly on something. This 
standard answer, coupled with, 'sounds like a hardware problem,' is 
pretty common. 

Between them, software bloat and bugs have more than kept pace with 
hardware improvements. Used to be that checking the sprogs' work was a 
part time job; now one engineer intern can run numbers fast enough to 
keep a whole office busy figuring out if they're trustworthy. Someday 
computers will be so fast that one engineer will be able to do all the 
analysis in the world, and the rest of us will be checking the results 
for programming errors.

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