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For clarifying the discussion as to how SAC was created (this does not address the ethics or any other part of the current issue).  SAC, as a relationship between SEAOC, ATC and CUREe was developed prior to the Northridge earthquake and the steel moment frame problem discovery. The initial project for the SAC joint relationship was a study of narrow wood shear wall panels.  This project eventually came out as an ATC report with incidental reference to SEAOC and CUREe.
The original concept of a SAC was to provide an entity practicing structural engineers could submit suggestions for issues needing additional or new research.  The focus was pointed at issues smaller in size than those normally related to ATC projects and to keep a direct link between practice related questions/answers and research.
The memorandum of understanding between the three organization was used as the basis for the joint proposal to FEMA for the steel moment frame study.  I hope there are those who still bekieve the original concept for the creation of SAC is viable and that the three organizations still agree there is a way to work together for thie original purpose.