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Re[2]: Let's Talk STAAD-PRO

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     You may also want to look at SAP 2000.  I assume that you are looking 
     for Canadian codes.  SAP 2000 has Canadian and other global codes.  We 
     looked at various packages and determined that for the money SAP 2000 
     was the better choice.  We have not looked at the latest STAAD/PRO, 
     but indications from an earlier version were that it was not ready for 
     production use.  We did not see any improvement from earlier problems.
     FYI - RISA 3D will soon have the Canadian steel code. 
     Ed Haninger
     Fluor Daniel 
     Irvine, CA

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Subject: RE: Let's Talk STAAD-PRO
Author:  "Mark McCormick" <Mjm2(--nospam--at)> at fdinet
Date:    4/26/99 12:09 PM

Our firm has been evaluating various analysis packages and have 
narrowed it down to either Staad/Pro or S-Frame (by Softek) to 
This may be slightly off topic, but we were wondering about the 
experience of users of S-Frame, what pros/cons are associated 
with it and how it compares to Staad (if you have used/tried both).
Mark McCormick, P. Eng.
ADI Limited
Fredericton, NB