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Re: Let's Talk STAAD-PRO

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In response to that comment on the full-page add, I think that is what they 
do best..Market themselves.  

I was a Staad User back in the version 2 or 3 days....geez...that long ago?  
My main complaints had to do with how they handle bugs..not  the fact that 
bugs were present to start with.  Of my many experiences before swearing to 
pay for a public butt-whipping before I used it again were these:

1.	They always assume the user is the problem.  They refuse to believe 
that their program is the problem.
2.	They never run your input file as you have it. They took it and 
edited it to remove anything they thought did not pertain to the problem.  
Then, they could not find it doing anything wrong.
3.	They do not tell users of confirmed problems.  This was my #1 
complaint.  They would try to correct it on future versions but never tell 
you it existed in the first place as a problem.  
4.	They add new features while old features are not debugged. I think 
this was fatalistic in concept.  I would rather a release came out with 
corrections rather than some new features with new bugs.
5. 	Unless they have changed, the "open" format they used to brag on for 
input is most likely they cause of a lot of their problems.  Most programs 
were more structured in the order you input info or requested processing.  I 
think their free format is so free..they have no idea where all the computer 
is goin.

I could go on and on...but..what would it accomplish?

Ron Martin 
Tuscaloosa, AL