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RE: Modeling Diaphragm Stiffness of Unreinforced Masonry

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        Here in Argentina we used a lot of unreinforced masonry, mostly clay brick masonry.  I live in Mendoza, which is a highly seismic zone.  And we model the stiffnes of the masonry as I suggested in the earlier post, with an inclined prop covering the diaphragm extension. 
        The rigidity of the prop is usually a function of the thicknes of the wall.  In our seismic code, we have an _expression_ for the area of the prop (which is all you need since you model it released at the ends).
A= 0.4 x t x (Em x (l^2+h^2)^1.5) / ((h x l) x E)
t= thickness of the wall
Em=modulus of elasticity of the masonry element
E=m.o.e. of the structural element
l=lenght of the diaphragm
h=height of the diaphragm
A=area of the equivalent prop
        Hope this helps.
Rodrigo Lema.