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RE: Concrete Mix for low permeability

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Latex modified concrete has been used to decrease permeability, but it is
very costly.  Post-tensioning is good to help hold the cracks together, and
it can reduce structural costs.  These days I am inclined to go with the
bonded post-tensioning system.

The tried and true method is a waterproof membrane.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Subject: Concrete Mix for low permeability

Does anyone have any information concerning what to add to concrete mix or 
specify for an overhead slab that is exposed to weather.  It is needed to 
minimize cracking and reduce permeability.  I am designing around 4000 psi 
and the slab has a room under it.  

I have never done a slab that had "dry-space" under it.

Ron Martin
Tuscaloosa, AL