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RE: Let's Talk STAAD-PRO and why not PCA-Frame (and all the others out there)

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    I'm not familiar with Staad, and by the comments on this list, I think I will never be. 
    But some time ago, I brought up a subject which was in spirit similar to this.  I talked about the problems we've been having with PCA's PCA-Frame.  For what I can see, the service at REI is as crappy as the one PCA offered.  And the question is, don't these guys ever hear things like "happy customer" and all that?  Or they just take for granted we are going to keep on buying the same products over an over?
        Structural software tends to be easier and easier to use (in the general sense, input, output and all that), so they (structural software developers) can't trust anymore that a customer will have to come back to them just because he became familiar with their product. 
        I think our only defense against these people is this kind of action; talk openly about the product (the soft AND the service) and quit buying when we are no longer satisfied.  This way, the customer will truly be always right.
Rodrigo Lema.