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RE: Mechanical Properties SAE 1022

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The SAE steels you reference are also AISI or UNS designations and they do
not have published mechanical properties as ASTM steels do.  AISI steels are
often treated by cold working or heat treating to obtain various mechanical

I don't have a listing for the mechanical properties of 1022, but a 1045
steel is a medium carbon steel and can be commonly ordered in cold drawn,
hot rolled, or water quenched.  A 1022 steel would be categorized as a low
carbon steel.

1045  (values are approximate)
hot rolled; min ten=98 ksi; min yield=59 ksi
cold drn; min ten=103 ksi; min yield=89 ksi 
water quen; min ten=120 ksi; min yield=90 ksi

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Subject: Mechanical Properties SAE 1022

Dear sir:
It will be helpful if you could send us information about mechanical
properties of steel SAE 1022 and SAE 1045 (Tensile, shear strength, etc.)
If you don't have this information available we will appreciate you to tell
us where to find it.

Best Regards

Marco Zavala
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Lima Peru