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Re: SEAINT Online

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Apr 29, 1999 10:04 AM
>From the Office
of Dennis S. Wish, PE
Editor - SEAINT Online

To: Online Readers
RE: Making Change in the engineering community

I wish to thank you all for your compliments on Online.  Our second issue of 
Online is currently shipping. This issue differes from the first in that I 
have focused on the level of discussions held on our Listservice. In 
particular, I used the thread on Rigid Diaphragm Analyisis for small or 
residential structures.
The comments from the list have been overwhelmingly adament against stricter 
wood frame design criteria. The majority of the respondents to this thread 
(including the thread on Pendulums, Northridge damage and CUREe-Caltech 
project) agree that we need to address the underlying problems associated 
with construction quality before we penalize the public with stricter code 
compliance that will not correct defects or omissions.

I urge you to send an email to the president of SEAOSC and SEAOC (and each of 
your local Chapters) and ask that they recommend a hold on the adoption of 
this section of the code until the CUREe-CalTech recommendation have been 

The only way we can be allowed to make professional judgement decisions about 
the method of design that we wish to use is by removing or minimizing the 
powerful liability issue that forces us to comply with a code that we don't 
agree with. Unless the professional community takes a stand on this issue, we 
are forced to comply unless we have the financial resources necessary to 
fight a suit against us for not complying with the written code.  

If you visit our website at you can obtain the email addresses 
of each of the chairs of the committees that work on these codes. I urge each 
of you to send a comment before the adoption of the 97 UBC takes affect in 
your local jurisdiction.

SEAOSC -  seaosc(--nospam--at)
SEAOC  - seaoc(--nospam--at)

Remember that the SEAINT Listservice members are the growing voice of the 
professional community which was once considered the silent majority.

Finally, those of you in other states are affected by these changes or will 
be affected by other changes that occur in the IBC. I believe that each of 
you should have a channel on which you can voice your opinions. Please start 
to voice your opinons and concerns on code issues. This is the only way to 
open the eyes of those who work on theoretical issues rather than the 
practicality that affects us all in actual construction.

The second issue of Online will be posted to the web in approximately three 


Dennis S. Wish, PE
Editor - SEAINT Online
publication of the Structural Engineers Association
of Southern California (SEAOSC)
SEAOSC Office - seaosc(--nospam--at)