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Workshop - Implementation of DMG 117 -Liquefaction Hazards - 6/17 /99

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TO: Building Officials and Practicing Professionals

WHAT: Workshop - Recommended Procedures for Implementation of DMG Special
Publication 117-
Guidelines for Analyzing and Mitigating Liquefaction Hazards in California

WHO: Southern California Earthquake Center, Liquefaction Implementation

Committee Members: Geoffrey R. Martin (co-chair), Marshall Lew (co-chair),
K. Arulmoli, Juan I. Baez, Thomas F. Blake, Ebrahim Simantob, T. Leslie Youd
Local and State Government Liaisons: Johnnie Earnest, Fred Gharib, J.
Goldhammer, David Hsu, Steve Kupferman, Jim O'Tousa, Charles R. Real, Wes

WHY: The workshop will introduce and explain a new document produced by the
Liquefaction Implementation Committee, intended to help engineers,
geologists and building officials competently evaluate and take protective
measures against the potential liquefaction hazard in many areas of southern
California.  Discussion sessions for interaction with the authors.  A copy
of the report will be sent to each person who registers for the workshop, so
that questions can be prepared in advance.

WHEN: Thursday, June 17, 1999, 8:00 am - 5:00 p.m.

WHERE: Davidson Conference Center, University of Southern California, Los

HOW: To register for the workshop, call 213/740-5843 to charge the
registration fee to a credit card, or to request a registration form if
paying by check.  Registration Fee $95.  Discount registration for
City/County Officials $50

From: ICBO Los Angeles Basin Chapter